The Voice season 22 is not coming to NBC in January 2022

January has officially arrived and the new year has brought back many favorite series following their winter beaks, including NBC’s biggest hits such as the One Chicago dramas and Law and Order series. There are lots of amazing returning favorites to enjoy; however, one that is glaringly missing from NBC’s schedule this January is The Voice season 22.

For close to a decade, The Voice has been a staple on NBC airing two cycles each season: one in the fall and one in the spring — the latter of which typically kicks off early in the new year.

This year, though, NBC is doing things a bit differently. Instead of airing a new season in the spring, NBC has instead chosen only to air one cycle of The Voice this season meaning a new season of the network’s top-rated reality-competition program.

The Voice season 22 release date

At this time, NBC has not confirmed when exactly the next season of The Voice will debut but the network has confirmed The Voice season 22 will be coming sometime this fall as part of its Fall 2022 lineup.

If history repeats itself, it’s likely The Voice season 22 will arrive sometime in September 2022 with the expectation being the series will once again air twice a week on Monday and Tuesday nights. Should NBC begin its fall season around the same time it has in most traditional years, which is the third week of the month, we could see The Voice season 22 arrive as early as Monday, Sept. 19, 2022.

The Voice season 22 coaches

As for who exactly will be back for the next season of The Voice when it debuts this fall? Well, that also remains a mystery as NBC has not yet confirmed which coaches, if any, will be returning for season 22.

Heading into the upcoming cycle, it’s looking highly likely Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend will all return for the upcoming season. Shelton has appeared in every season since the show’s launch making his return the most likely of the show’s most recent coaches.

It’s also expected that Clarkson and Legend, who joined the series in seasons 14 and 16 respectively, will return for season 22 this fall.

As for Ariana Grande? Her future on the show remains the biggest mystery of them all as the chair she held this season has hosted a rotating panel of coaches in recent years with Grande becoming the latest in a long string of artists to appear alongside Shelton, Clarkson, and Legend.

With The Voice taking the spring cycle off, it’s unlikely we’ll learn who will be back for season 22 until closer to the fall season. As soon as the official lineup is confirmed, we’ll be sure to update you with the latest information!

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