Chicago Goons Beat Up Lyft Driver For Not Driving Away Fast Enough During Drive-By Shooting

A Chicago Lyft driver has landed in the hospital and recovering after he was shot at and then beaten up for fiddling with his phone and not driving fast enough. Fortunately, he is recovering in the hospital after the assault and shootings.

Two women ordered a Lyft to pick them up near Chicago’s notorious O Block neighborhood. The Lyft driver arrived, and the two women got inside the car.

The women asked the driver to pull off immediately, but the Lyft driver – MTO News has learned – began fiddling with his phone.

That’s when, a group of men pulled up alongside the Lyft and shot it up. The driver was initially stunned and just froze up. The passengers immediately realized what happened and started yelling at the driver to pull off.

Eventually the frightened Lyft driver drove off – and luckily no one was shot. But the violence didn’t end there. When the Lyft driver dropped the passengers off at their destination – another Chicago hood – he was greeted by an angry group of men. MTO News learned that while in the Lyft, the passengers texted men in their neighborhood, and told them that the Lyft driver didn’t pull off fast enough – and nearly caused them to be killed.

“When the shots were fired, my client acted quickly and followed his training to contact Lyft’s assistance through their panic button. He was connected to a security agent and was under the impression Lyft was going to follow its promises to provide real-time location data to the police,” said Greening. “As my client continued to drive his vehicle, he believed help was on its way, and unfortunately it never came.”

In the dash cam video, the passengers can be heard screaming at the driver to “go faster” as he calls for help. Several minutes later, the driver dropped off the passengers near 65th and King Drive where he’s confronted by a man who opens his car door and begins punching him.

He’s able to get away and flag down Chicago police, who confirm an investigation is underway but no arrests have been made. The driver transported himself to an emergency room after filing a report, according to his attorney

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