2021 had its own set of unique challenges for humanity in general and specifically in Hip-Hop. Thankfully for Brad Jordan, AKA  the tumultuous journey had a happy ending. Now in an Instagram Live conversation, the Houston legend echoed the sentiment made famous more than 25 years ago by another man named Jordan, “I’m Back.”

Prior to the kidney transplant operation, Face shook the Hip-Hop world with the announcement of his retirement. Thanks to science, medicine and his heroic son, Christopher Jordan, who donated his kidney, the “Smile” MC, sounds like he’s in “Guess who’s bizack” mode. 

Scarface was shooting an Instagram Live video from comedian Donnell Rawlings’ green room at a show the comedian was performing at. When Rock The Bells hopped in and asked the venerable spitter to confirm that he was in fact, retired. He had this to say. 

“No, no, no, fuck no. Rock The Bells. I was under the impression that that was gonna be my last shit cause I thought I was gon’ die,” Face noted. “So instead of ‘farewell’ it’s ‘alive and well.’” 

Though he did not clarify exactly what his next move was, we believe we speak for the culture as a whole when we say, welcome back. 

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