Da’Vinchi Weighs in on Woman Saying ‘BMF’ Co-Star Lil Meech Smelled Like a ‘Pound of Onions’

Da’Vinchi can’t believe the rumors that his BMF co-star Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. has body odor.

Da’Vinchi took to Instagram to defend Lil Meech. “I don’t know where this is coming from, but Meech is a clean dude. I work with this guy—we work real close together and it’s not something I’m aware of,” Da’Vinchi said with a laugh. “He’s a clean dude.”

Rumors began circulating on Monday when a clip of a woman calling Lil Meech “musty” went viral online. Even 50 Cent got in the fun, trolling the rapper/actor on IG.

“@llimeechbmf getting so fly the hating is starting,” Fif captioned a photo of Meech. “She said you smelled like a bag of onion’s LMAO Nah dat’s Creed baby the gold bottle. LOL.”

The girl from the clip was in an Instagram Live session where she said Meech “smelled like a pound of onions.” She continued, “I just wanna know what possessed him to put on that long sleeve shirt, and to be so musty like that. … He was musty, the hoes been talking he been musty for the whole past week.”

The 21-year-old stars alongside Da’Vinchi in BMF, where Flenory plays his father Big Meech and Da’Vinchi is in the role of Terry “Southwest T” Flenory.

“The most challenging part [of playing my father] was to actually do what he wants and fulfill his needs because no matter how much I know my dad and I’m his son, I can’t be him,” Lil Meech told Complex back in September. “But I could still live truthfully in imaginary circumstances. I know him the best because I’m his only son.”

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