Fat Trel sent back to prison months after release: “I’m being punished a second time around”

Fat Trel penned an open letter hoping to bring light to his case and the injustices of the judicial system. On Friday (Jan. 14), a month after he was arrested and booked on counts of Revocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation related to a 2018 arrest, the rapper was sentenced to one and year half years in prison. He took to social media to give fans an update on his situation, which he believes is a second punishment following his previous three-year stint.

“It is with heaviness in my heart that I must inform my fans and supporters that the justice system has failed in being objective in my case,” the D.C. rapper wrote before providing a detailed account of his battles over the last three years.

According to Trel, he served a three-year prison sentence on DWI and marijuana possession charges that he acquired in 2016, and was subsequently released on probation. At the start of the holiday season, the “Last Day In” emcee showed up to a court hearing regarding his probation and was held in Arlington County jail before his sentencing date. Despite prosecutors’ beliefs that he should be free, Judge DiMatteo sentenced him to another year and a half behind bars.

In the letter, Trel called for “major reformation” in the justice system, noting that he’s positively changed since his previous term.

“3 years in federal prison was more than enough time for me to conform my mindset and the way I move,” he wrote. “I’m being punished a second time around; without regard of the years I’ve already served.” The rapper mentioned that recreational marijuana has been legalized in VA since he caught his possession charge and maintains that he learned from his DWI. Despite the lessons, however, he says his “livelihood is now in danger from being caught in the justice system.”

In the caption to the post, Trel called on the likes of Meek Mill, the REFORM Alliance and Kim Kardashian to help with his case. He also issued an apology to his fans, promising that he “will be home soon.”

Trel’s message comes nearly three months after he celebrated his release from prison on firearm and ammunition charges.

Fat Trel takes to instagram for assistance in justice heres what he wrote in the caption “

Anybody with a voice that can bring light to my situation, it would be greatly appreciated by my family and I.” To my Fans i will be home soon I’m sorry this is Happening to y’all .. YA GO TAG @theshaderoom @saycheesetv @reform @meekmill O YEAAA @kimkardashian AND @realdonaldtrump  #FreeGleesh


Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com will keep their ear to the streets as new developments arrive.

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