VIDEO: Eric Adams gets spoofed by ‘SNL’: ‘New York is back baby!

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Mayor Eric Adams got the “Saturday Night Live” treatment late last night, and he loved it, encouraging vaccinations while praising his portrayal on Twitter Sunday.

Chris Redd is hilarious and looked GREAT,” he tweeted. “But it’s not true that I haven’t been sick in 60 years – which is why I got vaccinated (and boosted) and all New Yorkers should as well. P.S. – @Reddsaidit, you forgot my earing!”

Redd grooved to the mayor’s podium alongside “West Side Story” star and first-time host Ariana DeBose, who played Adams’ spokesperson.

“What’s up New York?,” Redd said through a played-up Brooklyn accent. “That’s right. It’s your own boy. Your hometown hero Eric Adams. You feel that New York is back baby.”

SNL’s “Adams” detailed his vegan and NYPD background while clashing with faux-reporters who talked over each other and asked about COVID-19, his brother’s NYPD role and his “low-skill workers” comment that raised eyebrows.

“I do not do chaos in my city. I told y’all that,” Redd said. “I was a police officer for over 70 years. If I get startled I start kicking people’s asses.”

The real mayor’s praise for Redd is a far cry from the criticism he received from actress Rosario Dawson, who criticized his impression of her boyfriend, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker in October.

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