50 Cent, Lil Durk and Jeremih team up for ‘Power Book IV: Force’

Power Book IV: Force” creator and media mogul 50 Cent has enlisted the talents of Lil Durk and Jeremih for the new single “Power Powder Respect.” The video directed by Eif Rivera is  another opportunity for 50 to get more eyes on his hit show “Power Book IV: Force.” According to ratings,  50 currently has the top three shows being viewed in Black homes.

The sure-to-be-a hit-song has a nostalgic feel as, if it were recorded in the ’70s. The video is filmed in a bar, and Jeremih enhances the vibe as the camera pans to 50 seated among beautiful women as he sports a fisherman cap and spits bars. The great thing about the “Power Powder Respect” video is that 50 adopts a contemporary flow without compromising his delivery.

Durk, the lead in the video, absolutely owns the screen. Lil Durk was one of the most sought after feature players in 2021 and he continues this run in 2022. The artist recaptures the essence of his lyrical styling with runs like, “Older n—s look up to me you can tell I got rank. Federal time, just to survive they’ll pass you a shank. I ain’t vote tell ’em free Larry and try to pardon his case when you Black and rich, they slick and try to target your race.”

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