Kash Doll Claps Back at Fan Over Sex Toy Advertisement

Kash Doll’s last year has found her seeing much success and joy, as the rapper played a reoccurring role in 50 Cent’s ‘BMF’ series. Along with that, Kash Doll and Tracy T revealed the arrival of their baby boy. Despite the arrival of her new bundle of joy, Kash Doll hasn’t stopped getting to a bag. One fan recently called out the rapper for one of her money moves, which prompted Kash Doll to respond.

The fan took to Twitter to call out Kash Doll because they kept seeing sex toy advertisements featuring the ‘BMF’ star. The fan said, “@kashdoll if u put another sex toy ad on my feed [on god] I’m muting you 😭😑.” Kash Doll clapped back by saying, “Mute me sis they paid 15,000 [dollars].” Take a look above.

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