The life of a rapper has its pros and cons, as it is never smooth sailing for anyone in the world of Hip-Hop. While there is certainly a lot of money and fame that comes with being a rapper, there is also the risk of gang warfare that ends in their deaths. It seems a young rapper has passed away recently as well.

Houston, Texas-based rapper Sad Frosty has passed away at the young of age 24. The underground rapper was well known for his songs “Swerve,” “A.D.H.D. Freestyle,” and “Beavis & Butthead” with DC The Don.

The rapper’s team revealed that he had passed away with a post on his official Instagram. Several of Frosty’s collaborators reacted to his tragic passing, including the likes of DJ Scheme, Yung Gravy, Suigeneris, 347Aidan, Baby Santana.

The rapper’s final release was the “Dopamine Freestyle,” which came out last year. Before that, he released an album called Playground, which featured 1TakeJay, DC The Don back in 2019. We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the rapper’s family and friends during this sad time.

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