Dancehall Artist Kapella Don Killed In Mobay

Montego Bay-based dancehall artist Kapella Don was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in Montpelier, St. James on Thursday night at about 4:20 pm.

The Constabulary Communication Unit confirmed the incident. Kapella, whose real name is Javan Willie, was 28 years old.

“The investigators are still on the scene, taking statements and processing the scene,” a representative told DancehallMag.

The entertainer who is known for the singles Bad Breed Badness, In My Life, One Life and God’s Mercy, the latter of which has racked up over 580,000 views

The entertainer used music as a vehicle to separate himself from his troubled past.

My life came with a lot of obstacles. My parents are deceased. My father died when I was two and my mother was a drug addict, who died when I was 17. Me a ketch court case from me a 14, me do one year a jail and three years a juvenile prison, and music a weh me a use fi change my lifestyle,” he told THE STAR in an interview a few years ago.

“Knowing my past and what I have been through, me just wah people know say a di same bad breed yute a do good inna life and a try change him pace. I’m not doing bad anymore and I want my music to encourage other youths with troubled pasts that they can make something of themselves,” he added.

The island’s high murder rate greatly affected the entertainment fraternity in 2021.

Dancehall artists Fada God, Killfood, Paparazzi and Kashmar were killed in separate incidents.

Foota Hype’s brother was also murdered. Female dancehall artist D British was also killed in 2021.

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