A Texas home owned by NBA Youngboy — where his mother currently lives — became the target of an intense SWAT raid … resulting in the arrests of 3 men and the seizure of multiple weapons.

A spokesperson for the Harris Co. Sheriff’s Office tells TMZ SWAT officers served a warrant at the property Tuesday morning. We’re told NBA Youngboy purchased the home, and his mom, Sherhonda Gaulden, lives there … although it’s unclear if she was home when cops arrived.

Neither Youngboy or his mother were arrested … but cops call the 3 men who were busted associates of Youngboy. We’re told they were arrested on charges ranging from aggravated robbery to aggravated assault.

The Sheriff spokesperson, Thomas Gilliland, tells TMZ the arrests are related to the November shooting. Cops say the man was shot multiple times in the body and head, but survived and is out of the hospital now.

We’re told the SWAT team also seized weapons, including AR-15s, pistols and long guns.

As we reported, NBA Youngboy was released on bond from federal prison back in October after serving time related to a gun case. Not only did he have to fork over $500,000 to make it happen, but he’s was ordered to sit in home confinement in Utah until his trial date.

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