Boston rapper Fetti Gz, who was an affiliate of popular NY rapper 22gz was shot & killed yesterday. One of his last instagram post was him mocking the death of Tdot Woo who was killed the previous day.

Announcing his death Latti Surita wrote” I remember when elijah used to get mad when i used to drink and get in the bag and doubt myself about everything. He used to always say ” sis your an strong and independent woman who grinds and hustles for you and yours” he would always remind me of how much of a good mother I was and always told me “who gives a fuck what anybody gotta say they dont pay your bills” He would walk in my crib and say “this you”. I remember seeing elijah at the YMCA back in the school days. Happy kid. always smiling. Always made sure everybody was good and will give the shirt off of his back for someone who needed it. I remember everytime i saw him i would tell him how good he was doing because he was. HE WAS HAPPY. HE WAS IN LOVE AND WAS GOING PLACES!!! Fetti Gz I love you and your forever gonna be in our hearts baby bro this is not a goodbye this is a see you later💙💙💙Rock the Heavens The Fetti Gz way.

Information surrounding his death is still sketchy and more details will be unveiled soon.

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