C Blu Back in Custody Less Than a Month After Arrest for Shooting a Cop

A week ago, C Blu reportedly posted his $250,000 bail with the advance money from his record deal after shooting a police officer in the Bronx. While officials at the NYPD were likely outraged by the development, it wasn’t going to take much for the police to apprehend the 16-year-old rapper if he did anything remotely close to violating his probation.

In an ironic twist of fate, C Blu aka Camrin Williams was apprehended by police officers today and taken back to Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn not for anything that he has done since his release, but because the gun he allegedly used to shoot the cop in Belmont back on January 18th violated the terms of his probation from a previous case.

The reason why this previous probation violation was brought up now instead of last month when he was in custody for shooting the police officer remains unclear. C Blu’s attorney, Dawn Florio has yet to respond, publically, to this matter.

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