2 Men Found Guilty in Mass Shooting at Fake Gender-Reveal Party in Ohio

According to reports, two men in Ohio have been found guilty in an attempted murder-for-hire at a fake gender-reveal party. 

James Echols, 26, was found guilty on all 22 counts he faced, including aggravated murder. Michael Sanon, 24, was found guilty of a single attempted murder charge.

The shooting was targeted at Cheyanne Willis who the gender-reveal party was thrown. Willis later admitted that she was not pregnant. The shooting claimed the life of Willis’s cousin, Autum Garrett, and eight others were wounded. 

“The details of this case, and the depravity of these defendants, are something this community has not forgotten almost 5 years later,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a statement.

Per the Cincinnati Enquirer: 

Roshawn Bishop, 31, of West Price Hill, another man facing murder charges in this case, testified that he paid Echols and Sanon $1,500 to carry out the shooting. The attempted murder-for-hire stemmed from a $10,000 debt. Willis loaned the money to Bishop, a self-confessed drug dealer, who testified he intended to use that money to buy more product.

Bishop planned to have Willis killed so to avoid repaying the debt. Sentencing is expected for March 3.

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