Drill rapper Chii Wvttz has been reported shot & killed. Chii Wvttz was a Bronx Drill artist who was very promising. He was very much known for hit songs like GO CRAZY, IYKTYK, and Stop Running.

A close friend of drill rapper Chii Wvttz confirmed his death today Sunday, February 6, 2022. Chii Wvttz’s death is shocking to a whole lot of people especially looking at how young and promising he was.

Jamayra who was the girlfriend of Chii Wvttz took to her Instagram and wrote:

“really lost my best friend i never thought i’d be writing RIP next to ya name no time soon shìt really crazy i love you always and forever my heart 💔💜. Forever your world 🌎”

Chii Wvttz uploaded his first music video on YouTube a year ago. The video was for the song dubbed ‘Sanctioned’ and had viewers streaming it for over 10,000.

Exactly 5 days to his death, he uploaded another video. One of Chii Wvttz’s videos was a big blow for his career after bagging a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

Rapper Chii Wvttz immediate cause of death is yet to be known but information gathered has it that his death was as a result of a shooting in the Bronx.

May his soul rest in peace.

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