Southside Jamaica Queen’s is known for producing some of hip hop’s dopest MC’s in the game. And the latest to take off is The Don Familia’s Records own Fabdon.

When you hear the terminology “QGTM” (Queens Get The Money) & Southside We Outside a new wave of artists has emerged to carry the torch. One in particular has been burning the scene by dropping hits left and right.

After ruffling the feathers of many stars from the latest freestyles that appeared on the Set The Tone Podcast & Meet The Connect TV Meet The Spitters Fabdon returns with new hit blazing up these cold streets of New York with the Lamar Anthem featuring Louie Sosa

As the world tuned into the story of the long awaited tale of the early days of Big Meech & Southwest T Flenory. The Starz hit show BMF had everyone on the edge of their seat. We got to witness Eric Kofi-Abrefa a british actor who played the antagonist in the series unlike any other villain we ever seen. Lamar Silas took the world by storm and created shock value with a sadistic killing that made even the hardest of hearts cringe.

The series became a hit and it spawned a series of remakes of  the classic Loose Ends song “You Can’t Stop The Rain” but none has made the most noise as Fabdon’s new upbeat version. Which was inspired by the character on 50 Cents smash show BMF. He starts it off the rip letting the world know when he make it rain they gonna turn him into killa asap get rhianna you gonna need a umbrella” accompanied by the wittiest display of bars you might ever hear.

Fabdon enlists Louie Sosa on this dope single as they turn the heat up and set the tone on how its suposed to be done. Louie Sosa takes it up another notch that compliments the whole dynamics of the instant classic . The video was shot & edited by Goddy Woddy takes you to a corner of the infamous Southside Jamaica Queen where Fabdon grew up. This catchy vibe reminds you of the same viciousness of the character played by Eric Kofi- Abrefa in the BMF series. It immediately makes you a believer off impulse.

Out of all the attempts to execute this remake You can bet your bottom dollar no one is burning up the airwaves like these young kings with this latest release. Lucky for us we have the exclusive for your listening pleasure. Even though its streaming on all platforms here’s your chance to check it out below!!

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