Future Drops ‘Worst Day Ever’ Valentine’s Day Video Featuring Kevin SamuelsThe Atlanta rapper has too many to please

After teasing his newest single, “Worst Days” Wednesday (Feb. 9) on his Instagram featuring lifestyle coach Kevin Samuels, the Atlanta rapper Future has officially dropped the record and video today (Feb 11), marking his first solo release of the new year.

But the track is his bitter take on Valentine’s day, calling it “the worst day” in the song’s opener. As previewed in the trailer, where Future admits his addiction to spoiling women, the song continues the same tune. “When you got more than, two, three, four, five six b****, Valentines the worst day when a N*** rich,” Hendrix croons.

Worst Day” is a part of Future’s already stellar 2022, where he’s featured on Gunna’s ‘Too Easy’ and ‘Pushin P’. The “Dirty Sprite” rapper is also the executive producer on the upcoming Donda 2 album according to Kanye West.

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