Kodak Black has been through a traumatic weekend after being a victim of a shooting. His lawyer has now come out to report about his health and by the looks of it, he is stable.

The Trump-pardoned rapper wound up in an altercation on Saturday morning that left him and two others shot outside of an afterparty hosted by Justin Bieber. The fistfight escalated quickly after gunshots were fired, which prompted everyone on the scene to scatter. Kodak was taken to safety after the incident and was later admitted to a nearby hospital.

Lawyer Bradford Cohen posted a statement on Instagram saying “there was an unprovoked attack on an individual Kodak was with”. He added “several shots were fired at them” but that Kodak, 24, “will make a full recovery.” The Los Angeles Police Department has said the altercation took place around 2:45 AM.

The LAPD has asked for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect. Reports said this incident happened near an after-party between Kodak and his friends. The rapper has since posted on social media, not about the shooting but instead tweeting about the Super Bowl.

Kodak was previously sentenced to almost four years in jail in 2019 for making a false statement to buy a firearm. Trump commuted his sentence in the last days of his administration. Kodak Black’s record label has not yet responded to any requests for comment.

We have yet to see any response regarding the whole incident from the label or the rapper himself.

Stay tuned to Thirsty for more on this story

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