Kodak Black Shooting, New Video Shows Full EncounterFEET AWAY FROM THE SHOOTING

TMZ obtained new footage of the Kodak Black shooting that shows the lead-up to the gunfire and what appears to be the weapon.

You see Kodak standing with Gunna and Lil Baby, posing for photos and casually chatting with one another early Saturday morning outside Justin Bieber’s after-party at The Nice Guy.

You see Gunna walk behind Kodak and whispers something in his ear. Kodak turns his head and nods and says something back.

Gunna walks away and gets in his SUV and closes the door. At that point, someone yells, “Oh S***. What?!?” As the camera swings around you see several people, including Kodak, race toward someone.

We froze the video so you could see what appears to be a gun.

At that point, Kodak swings at someone, and then gunshots ring out. Kodak turns and stumbles backward.

4 people, including Kodak, were hit by bullets, but everyone is expected to be OK. Kodak was hit in the leg, taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition.

The shooter is still at large.

The incident followed Bieber’s show at the Pacific Design Center. Kodak was at Bieber’s after-party at The Nice Guy. Sources from Kodak’s camp say Kodak ran over to help a friend who was getting attacked. Kodak took a swing at the assailant and, moments later, the shots were fired.

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