Briana Latrise is best known for the cast member of Growing Up Hip Hop, an American reality television show. Her fame truly sky rocketed when she first appeared on the WE tv show in 2016. Recently she is having some drama in her life.

Briana Latrise hops on a call with Tee Tee Francis to reveal all the drama that’s going on in her life. “I got arrested in my home” Briana reveals in this preview of the February 17 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. Briana admits that this stems from a woman who she claims ‘legally stole my car’.

Briana explains to Tee Tee what happened on the night she was arrested. “With the arrest what happened was I was having this really dope conversation about polyamory on my live” Briana says. “And the woman had brought the police to my house”.

“They knocked on the door. I said, ‘Who is it?’ And no one responded. They knocked again. I said, ‘Who is it?’ No one responded” she went on. “So, of course, now I’ve got my weapon and I walked over to the door with my machete, which is not a surprise”. Briana opened the door and saw the police “with their gun pointed at my chest”.

At the time Briana was still going live on Instagram. Briana says the police “snatched me out of my house in my underwear and took me to jail for brandishing a weapon”. “First of all, it took them like two hours to figure out what to charge me with because I hadn’t committed a crime,” Briana adds. The woman involved in Briana’s arrest told the police that Briana stole her car because the woman’s name is on it.

The synopsis for the February 17 episode was “Briana’s arrest spirals into a traumatic breakdown”

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