YoungBoy Never Broke Again Drops ‘I Hate YoungBoy’ Song, Disses Lil Durk’s Fiancee – ListenRead More:

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has dropped a new song called “I Hate YoungBoy” and he’s not holding back against anyone.

This afternoon (Feb. 22), YoungBoy released the track on his YouTube in an apparent response to Lil Durk, who dropped a single “AHHH HA” earlier today. Although Durk never mentioned YoungBoy’s name in his song, there were instances that appeared to reference the two’s past.

YoungBoy doesn’t mention Durk’s name in “I Hate YoungBoy” either, however he does directly diss the Chicago rapper’s fiancée India, as well as Gucci Mane, and appears to acknowledge King Von’s death.

“He called me a bitch, that’s India, that be your ho,” he raps near the beginning of the track.

A few lines later he drops Gucci Mane’s name: “Used to fuck with Gucci ’til I seen he like them pussy n****s.”

Additionally, he appears to address Durk and Von’s death: “Pussy n***a dissin’ me, mad about his dead homie.”

YoungBoy is currently on house arrest awaiting trial for his federal firearms case in California, and this isn’t the first time since he’s been on lockdown that he’s thrown shots at someone. Based on the bars in this new track, it seems as though YoungBoy isn’t concerned about any potential implications.

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