Fivio Foreign Names Top 5 Rappers From New York Right Now

Fivio Foreign reveals his Mount Rushmore (plus one!) of current New York rappers.
New York might not be the epicenter of all things hip-hop anymore but there remains a booming scene across the five boroughs filled with some of the hottest rising talents in the country. One of them, Fivio Foreign, recently sat down for a conversation with DJ Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast, discussing his recent work with Ye, his upcoming album B.I.B.L.E., and much more. They got to chatting about the current state of New York rap, which led to a question about the top four faces in the city right now.

The four faces of New York? Me, Lil Tjay, Kay Flock, Bobby [Shmurda], Rowdy [Rebel],” said Fivi, naming one extra artist. When DJ Akademiks told him he provided more names than needed, Fivi said, “I got five for you… Kay Flock locked up so I got… you know what I mean?”

That brought the conversation to the currently incarcerated Bronx-based rapper, with Fivio adding, “So now when he comes home, he gone have to do the same thing I did. Same thing Pop [Smoke] did. Now you gotta expand, now you gotta make the global sh*t plus the core sh*t. Just go viral, that’s how you gotta do it.”

Ostensibly, Fivi is telling Kay Flock that he needs to employ a more pop-friendly approach with his next project while also keeping his drill fans satisfied. Do you think that Kay Flock will be a superstar? And what do you think about Fivi’s picks? Is he missing anyone? Let us know in the comments.

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