Erica Banks says she’s the “best female rapper in 2022”

According to Erica Banks, she reigns supreme among other femcees currently in the rap game. Nearly three months into 2022, the “Buss It” star declared that she is “the best female rapper” this year.

“I’m the best female rapper in 2022,” she tweeted. “Argue with yo supportive homegirl.”

Banks came onto the rap scene in 2018, releasing one mixtape before signing with Carl Crawford’s 1501 Certified Entertainment the following year. While on the label, “Buss It,” a single for her fourth EP, went viral on TikTok, eventually earning her mainstream recognition and her first hit on the Billboard Hot 100. She went on to secure a Travis Scott feature for the remix to her breakout song as well as a deal with Warner Records.

When speaking to DJBooth about her decision to sign with Warner, she said she based it all on the vibe. “I just go off of my intuition. I had a couple of deals I passed up because I didn’t think they were for me, but I felt like this particular situation was for me,” explained Banks. “I went to sit down and meet the team as well just to get a feel for everybody. I felt like this was something that was meant [to be] just from the energy and the vibe. It was just right on time.”

Banks has since released a few singles, including “On They Neck,” “Desiigner,” “Booty Control” and most recently, “Slim Waist.” Per a previous interview, she is working hard to make her mark in the music industry.

“I want to be known as one of the biggest female artists yet to come, and I want to be able to leave my mark on the world,” the emcee told DJBooth. “I want people to know that Erica Banks is this fun girl who can make me feel good when I turn the music on and makes me confident in myself. People tell me all the time my music makes them feel confident, and I want to keep that going.”

See Erica Banks’ tweet below.

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