Missing mother Nisaa Walcott, 35, found dead after foot seen sticking out of a storage bin on street near Yankee Stadium

RESIDENTS of a Bronx neighborhood faced a gruesome scene when a woman’s body was found decomposing in a storage container dumped on the curb.

Nisaa Walcott, 35, had been missing for days when a man noticed a foul odor emanating from a bin outside a storage facility on University Avenue in the Highbridge area of New York City

Mother Nisaa Walcott, 35, was found in a storage bin days after being reported missing
Remains were found in a storage bin dumped on a Bronx sidewalk

He then realized a human foot was protruding from the container.

Neighbor Stephanie Nunez told ABC 7 that her stepfather had parked his car near the bin minutes before the grim discovery.

“He just got out of the car and didn’t notice anything,” Nunez said.

Residents of the neighborhood say that the area outside the storage facility, blocks away from Yankee Stadium, is a common dumping ground for unwanted items.

The man who discovered Nisaa’s remains had noticed a dresser on the curb Friday morning and came back in the early afternoon to pick it up.

In the interim, the bin containing the body had been dumped on the curb.

Police sources told the New York Post that they are questioning a male cousin who was captured on video removing a plastic container from Nisaa’s residence on Friday.

The suspect was also captured on video entering Nisaa’s East Harlem apartment building with her, then leaving the building alone.

Family members who texted Nisaa expressed concern to cops after her replies seemed out of character and inconsistent with previous conversations.

Investigators believe the suspect may have posed as the victim and sent the messages from her phone to avoid suspicion.

A neighbor said that Nisaa had allowed the suspect to stay in her home.

“How do you do that to your cousin?” he told the NY Post.

“She gave you shelter, she gave you a place to live. She actually extended her hand and this is how you repay her?”

Nisaa leaves behind a 14-year-old son.

Police are questioning Nisaa’s cousin in connection with the discovery
The gruesome discovery was found only blocks away from Yankee Stadium

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