Doja Cat Gets Dominant In ‘Freaky Deaky’

You can always rely on Doja Cat to deliver visuals worth talking about for a long time with her videos and music. More than that, there’s undeniable chemistry she has with Tyga since the two collaborated on Juicy off her sophomore album Hot Pink. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Bread and Butter, finding the perfect partner as an artist is the best thing that can happen.

Tyga teased the collaboration last week with a BTS from their music video with a promise of what’s to come. Doja dressed in sexy pink lingerie with a floral hemline and styled her hair in a curly updo

Doja Is A Fairy Dominatrix

Doja Cat also dropped a teaser on her Instagram page, prompting fans to watch the full video on YouTube. In the teaser, she dresses like a cute fairy in lingerie with butterfly lacewings, ready for a Freaky Deaky night with her lover. A short clip shows Tyga on the pink bed in her futuristic home. Everything in the dimly lit pink room is automated, including the bed restraints and sex toys hidden in the walls, but everything appears at the snap of Doja’s fingers.

Alas! the video arrives on YouTube, and it delivered on the promise from the teaser from looking at the storyline, but there’s an unexpected twist at the end. We see the entire scene featuring Doja dominating Tyga in her pink lingerie, black diamond chain bodysuit, and red leather dominatrix get-up was a lucid dream. She slept off so she couldn’t hear her phone ring when her lover arrived.

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