Pooh Shiesty Addresses and Denies Allegations of Snitching

Previously, news surfaced noting that Pooh Shiesty would remain in jail until his sentencing. The rapper previously pled guilty to a conspiracy charge related to possession of a firearm. The legal team for Pooh filed a motion for the rapper to be granted bond and released until the sentencing, which was denied.

Recently, rumors surfaced of the rapper allegedly snitching to get lesser time. Now, Pooh Shiesty has addressed the allegations via social media.

The rapper said, “It will never show in paper that I [sat] down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case with me nor anyone else for something in return, in that case, I will not be here.” Pooh Shiesty continued by saying “A factual proffer is not a government proffer where the weak will sit down and tell they [soul]. [Know] the difference before you use my name in vain.”

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