The Game Says Kanye West Has Done More For His Career Than Dr. Dre

The West Coast rapper speaks on the matter in a new teaser for the next episode of ‘Drink Champs.’

The Game recently made an appearance on the Drink Champs’ upcoming podcast episode and had a lot to say.

In a surfaced preview clip, the Compton native interestingly claimed Kanye West has done more to help him in his career than Dr. Dre, who helped jumpstart The Game’s career and executive produced his debut album, The Documentary.

“It’s crazy that Ye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dre did for me my whole career,” said Game, who recently joined forces with West on his new single, “Eazy,” and performed alongside Yeezy at his DONDA Experience listening event in Miami.

The Game’s relationship with Dr. Dre has been hot-and-cold over the years as the rapper has gone from praising the legendary producer in one breath to shading him in another. The latter was due to him feeling shunned by Dre at various points in his career. This includes the recent Super Bowl Halftime Show, which saw Dre’s greatest protégés joining him on the big stage. The Game’s absence was noted by a number of viewers, including the rapper himself, who shared his own reaction to being snubbed. Yet, he’s since doubled back on those comments, stating that it was a “great show” and an overall “win for the culture.”

Being that Dr. Dre played an instrumental role in introducing The Game to the public, some rap fans may dispute The Game’s opinion on Dre’s impact on his career. However, Kanye, who produced The Game’s hit single, “Dreams,” in 2005, has gone out of his way to embrace his longtime collaborator as of late. Ye appears on The Game’s new single “Eazy,” which debuted at No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has given The Game his highest charting song in nearly 15 years.

You can catch Drink Champ‘s full interview with The Game on Thursday (March 3).

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