FBI Arrests TikTok Star Chozen Terrell-Hannah After Using His Videos To Linked Him To Multiple Armed Robberies

The FBI has arrested TikTok star Terrell-Hannah for robberies after he used the very same white Nike sneakers he used in robberies to dance in videos posted on TikTok. So basically, the FBI identified him on TikTok with his Nike sneakers with red trim he used in the robberies. That was a smart move there. Dude is now in the grips of the law.

VladTv has more on Terrell-Hannah’s arrest by the FBI.

A string of robberies went down in Detroit earlier this month, and the FBI ended up stepping in to investigate the matter. They looked at security footage and noticed a common element with the suspect: he wore white Nike sneakers with red trim. From there, the feds were able to pinpoint that the suspect was 22-year-old Chozen Terrell-Hannah based on videos where he sported the same shoes on his TikTok page.

Terrell-Hannah, who is also a TikTok star with hundreds of thousands of followers, reportedly was seen dancing on the app in what the agents called his “stick-up shoes.” FBI Task Force agents described the scenario, saying, “A search of the residence led to the seizure of items believed to be used in the armed robberies including a black Glock handgun, a black backpack with a floral pattern, a skeleton full bodysuit, and white Nike tennis shoes.” They went on to say “(He) admitted to committing all four of the above-described armed robberies and acknowledged using the black backpack with a floral pattern in all four of the armed robberies.”

As a people we have to be smarter than this. I don’t condone armed robberies, so Mr. Chozen needs to be in jail, but my god do you have to be such a dumb criminal. Did Mr. Chozen learn anything from watching POWER? You always burn your clothes after a crime and never wear the same thing twice.

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