Key Glock Might Quit Music & Become An Actor

The rapper tweeted that “doing music don’t hit da same” since Young Dolph’s death.

Memphis rapper Key Glock is considering a career switch-up, telling his fans that he wants to attend acting school to set himself up for his post-music career.

Following the death of Key Glock’s cousin Young Dolph, who was also his closest collaborator and his cousin, the Memphis rapper has been open about how difficult it has been to get back into a groove in the studio. In February, he informed his followers that he had laid down a few tracks but throughout his career, it has always been clear that Glizock produces his best work with Dolph.

Taking to Twitter, Glock hinted that he might be retiring sooner rather than later from rap, claiming that he’s not having as much fun as he once was.

Finna go to acting school,” tweeted the 24-year-old rapper. “Doing music don’t hit da same for me anymore.”

While he didn’t explicitly mention his partner Dolph’s passing in the tweet, many are connecting his lost passion for rap with the death of his friend. A few weeks ago, somebody even tweeted at the rapper that he “needs therapy” to which Glock responded that he knows, and he’s planning on seeking out help.

Hopefully, Key Glock can get his feet back under him and continue to succeed as one of Memphis’ top rappers today. Do you think he would enjoy a successful career in acting?

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