Nas Blixky Addresses Recent Shooting and Rumored Name Change

Nas Blixky is clearing the air.

During a recent interview with Fucious TV, the NYC rapper addressed several rumors surrounding his near-fatal shooting in Brooklyn this year. The incident reportedly went down Jan. 27 in Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Garden neighborhood, where a gunman was filmed shooting Blixky along Rogers Avenue. Several outlets reported Blixky had sustained a gun wound to the head and was transported to the hospital in critical condition; however, the 22-year-old artist said those reports were only half true.

“I don’t really talk about it, but I’m gonna give you a long story short,” he told Fucious TV. “I just dropped off my little one, and I stopped in the store to get something, you feel me? As I come out the store I get ambushed … I’ll keep it G with you. I thought I was gonna die …”

He then addressed the reports about being shot in the head.

“Does it look like I got shot in my head? I never got shot in my head … I got shot three times—my back and my leg,” he said, before speaking on the false rumors about his death. “They can suck my dick, because they just [made] my publicity sky rocket … I’m the king of this shit.” 

During his hospitalization, Blixky’s step-father told the New York Daily News the attack stemmed from trash-talking on social media. The step-father claimed Blixky intended to change his persona, stage name, and lyrical content in light of the shooting; however, the rapper told Fucious TV that was just a misunderstanding and he has no plans to change his moniker.

When asked if the shooting was connected to his PG-16 diss track, Blixky denied the record had anything to do with the cut, and was strictly due to jealousy.

“I fuck all these n***as’ bitches. I’m the flyest,” he said. “ … Sometimes I can get cocky with it, ’cause it’s the n***as that be coming at me, but sometimes I be humble with it, you feel me? ’Cause, just like this, it can be taken from you. I got my cocky shit out … now it’s time to fall back and lay low.”

So does that mean he’s gonna give up the diss tracks?

“I ain’t never done dissing,” he said. 

Shortly after his shooting, fellow NYC rapper Nas EBK took to Instagram to joke about Blixky’s attack: “N***a got head tapped like how?” he wrote. “I thought you keep a Blixky like how!!! I hope you die n***a. Just give up, stop fighting. Matter fact somebody tell me what hospital he in. Ima go & Un [plug emoji] that shit rn.”

Blixky said he doesn’t know EBK “from a hole in the hole in the wall,” but believes he wouldn’t come with that same energy if they ever met face to face.

“If I see that n***a, I bet you he’d run for his fuckin’ life,” he said. “Slap the shit outta him. Trust me. No weapons, just beat the shit out this n***a.”

You can check out Blixky’s interview in the videos above and below.

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