NYPD Officer Slammed by Bronx Judge for “Inconsistent” Testimony Against Drill Rapper “C Blu”

Judge Naita Semaj said the officers had no reason to initiate a conflict with the rapper and had no evidence to suggest he be tried as an adult.

According to police, Camrin ‘C Blu’ Williams, 16, was part of a “disorderly crowd.” Authorities claim when Officer Taulant Gjonbalaj and other cops approached the crowd, Williams was uncooperative, leading to a physical altercation.

From NY Daily:

Williams then allegedly fired a round through his own leg before the same bullet struck Officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg. Both Williams and Pennant were hospitalized after the incident and have recovered.

The judge said that “clear” video footage shown in court proves that Williams tried to cooperate with police, was illegally searched and that the gun went off as Pennant and Gjonbalaj grabbed at his sides.

“While there is no disputing the fact that Mr. Williams had a gun on him that night… He literally does everything you tell your child to do when they’re approached by cops. He literally kept his hands up. He literally tried to record to make sure there was proof. He answered questions he had no obligation to answer,” Semaj said.

Semaj said while it is clear Williams was armed, it is even more clear that he had complied with the officer’s orders, reported NY Daily News. Semaj also said the officers had no legitimate reason to approach the crowd in the manner they did.

“There was absolutely zero reason for any of those officers to approach this individual. They approached him, they detained him, they searched him, and no officer even bothered to come up with a halfway legitimate reason for any of that,” said Semaj, via NY Daily News.

Additionally, Gjonbalaj’s testimony didn’t match up with the evidence and the prosecution failed to prove Pennant had a “significant physical injury” from the gunshot, which would determine whether Williams would be tried as an adult or not, per NY daily News.

Drill rappers have been tailed by police recently, as authorities debate if their music should be used as evidence in court. On the other hand, the tensions created as a result of the genre have cost the lives of a few young artists.

Mayor Eric Adams, who supports adding more police to the NYPD, said New Yorker’s should be “outraged” over Williams’ bail release, according to a statement on ny.gov.

“It is further proof that our current system is failing us. We cannot allow those who carry guns to walk free – we can pursue safety and justice at the same time, and we must, for the safety of all of us,” said Adams via the statement.

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