Brooklyn man arrested for using 3D printer to manufacture ghost guns

TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS – APRIL 08: Rifles are offered for sale at Freddie Bear Sports on April 08, 2021 in Tinley Park, Illinois. President Joe Biden today announced gun control measures which included stricter controls on the purchase of homemade firearms, commonly referred to as Ghost Guns and he made a push for national Red Flag legislation and other measures. Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

NEW YORK — A Brooklyn man was arrested Tuesday for using a 3D printer to manufacture components for ghost guns — weapons that can be built at home with no serial number, making them impossible to trace.

Deonte Haynes, 30, was arrested at his Brooklyn apartment with enough parts to make seven guns as well as a fully assembled firearm, police announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

He used a 3D printer on Staten Island to make the components and was also buying parts online, according to officials.

Along with the weapons, Haynes allegedly printed high capacity magazines and gun accessories.

The NYPD believes Haynes sold at least one of the guns he manufactured.

Ghost guns are increasingly popular in New York City.

“So far this year the NYPD as a whole is seeing a 325% increase in ghost guns recovered in the City of New York,” said NYPD inspector Courtney Nilan earlier this month.

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