Kanye West & Pete Davidson’s have has been feuding ever since news hit of Pete Davidsons sightings with Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian.

The break up between the two left a circus of back and forths between Kanye & Kim. The news of their separation has been the topic in almost every publication known to man.

Kanye recently released a song and video for his collab with The Game entitled ” Eazy” which had a verse where he rhymed “God save me from that crash so i can beat Pete Davidson’s ass”. The visual for the video was done in 3D Clay Animation.

The reception for the video left Kanye new video with mixed reviews. Especially after holding the cut off head of Pete Davidson at a graveyard. It was so morbid he had release another version. So now today the conversation between both Kanye and Pete Davidson’s was put on blast on twitter with tweets thst were revealed on No Jumpers page below

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