Suspect shot Oklahoma City cop at close range during pat-down

A suspect shot an Oklahoma City cop from point-blank range as he tried to pat him down, intense video shows.

The footage released Wednesday shows the moment Crasteven Kennon Wilson, 23, shot Officer Bryce Sheehan in the leg on March 2 as he tried to search the suspect for weapons in southeast Oklahoma City.

“You got any weapons?” Sheehan asked Wilson while responding to a call about a suspicious person. “Can I pat you down real quick? Make sure you don’t have any weapons? Here — don’t reach for nothing.”

Wilson mumbled “yeah,” but instead quickly turned around and shot Sheehan, striking the officer in the right leg before running to his patrol car and trying to drive off.

“Shots fired, shots fired!” Sheehan yelled. “I’m hit!”

The officer immediately returned fire, striking Wilson, who was later found behind a nearby home by cops using a drone. Sheehan, meanwhile, put on a makeshift tourniquet to try to stop the bleeding in his leg as he frantically called for backup.

Wilson later died from his wounds at a hospital. His handgun was recovered from the scene, police said.

The wounded officer, who was treated and released from a hospital, was put on routine administrative leave following the police-involved shooting pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation.

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