Young Thug is most definitely one of the most beloved rappers in the Hip-Hop world and he is well aware of his skills at dropping a verse. Even the likes of Lil Wayne have enjoyed working with him. Unfortunately, he suffered a great loss recently.

According to a report by MTO News, one of Young Thug’s baby mothers was shot and killed. It was said that the alleged killer shot her in cold blood and has been described as “a gay guy.”

It was reported that police officers were called to the Metro Fun Center, an entertainment venue with a skating rink, bowling alley and more, just before 11 p.m last night. Authorities believe they know who did this, but they are not releasing any information. Considering Young Thug’s pull in Atlanta, it’s probably for the best that the suspect remain anonymous until they are apprehended.

As revealed by the investigators, a 31-year-old woman was killed after a celebration at the business on Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta. The woman was later identified to be Lakevia Jackson, who was one of Young Thug’s baby mothers.

LaKevia went to her best friends birthday @ bowlingalley, a fight over the bowling ball happened then the suspect waited 20 mins in the parking lot for LaKevia before he shot her while she was leaving.”

Investigators also added that there is only one male suspect at this time, and according to APD Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk, it is someone they know.

“We will find the person who’s responsible. You know who you are. Go ahead and turn yourself in. We assure you that we will bring you into custody.”

This is certainly tragic news and it pains us to see someone so young lose their life. We hope the alleged killer is apprehended, brought to justice and dealt with the appropriate punishment.

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