Mulalo Is Unforgiving. You Better Hope She’s Not Rapping About You.

Mulalo’s discography doesn’t have to be that extensive (she’s released two tracks to date) to know that the Melbourne-based rapper is unfuckwithable. You can see it in her lyrics, in her music videos and even through her socials.

Many artists who delve into the depths of rap or hip hop do so with the intention of coming off as “hard”. For Mulalo, it’s a persona that comes naturally. She has no problem saying what she wants, when she wants.

Though still emerging, her talents sit aside other heavy-hitting female rappers like Barkaa and Jesswar. What makes Mulalo different, however, is a rare ability to mix comedy with lyricism. Sometimes people take stabs and they’re seen as dicks. When Mulalo does it, it’s funny – and that’s an ability that one can only be born with.

When she raps, she’s unforgiving. Her songs are instilled with a distinct, witty delivery that’s both slicing and somewhat silly. On her first single “Check” – released on a whim in 2020 – she raps “Im doggin niggas, I treat them like they’re my pet / Overseas catch a tan with your mans, now you’re upset / They like to call me Fiji cause I like to keep it wet.”

Then, on her latest “M31 (Racing down the Hume Highway)” she raps, “Pretty in the face, yeah I’m his type / Sweet as fuck, but I come with a bite”.

In a homemade video made to accompany the release, Mulalo looks to camera through a fisheye lens while decked out in Melbourne based-brands Maroske Peech, Distal Phalanx and a green fluffy hat. She poses on screen, booty-out, expensive purses swinging in and out of frame, with an equal parts come-hither and don’t fuck with me attitude.

Her delivery, presence and expressions throughout the two minutes are just a hint of the strongest aspects that stretch across all her work. She’s bold and unrelenting. She spits to camera with no facade, nothing holding her back. It’s apparent that, when it comes to music, she’s not shy.

Mulalo’s latest collaboration with Triple One on “MR. WHIPPY” sees the young artist rapping out the back of an ice cream truck, her distinct green hat perched atop her head. One of her best lines, while swinging her legs out the window, holding an ice cream in hand: “I saw your man / he look familiar / community dick.” Devastating for the person she’s rapping about, but a laugh out loud moment for everyone else.

With two tracks down and more to come, it’s only a matter of time before Mulalo gains more recognition for her talent.

While it’s exciting to see where this will take her, just hope she’s not rapping about you.

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