TMZ’s Harvey Levin Rejects Soulja Boy’s Attempt to Give Him a Pair of His New Shoes

Soulja Boy often claims to be the first rapper to do a litany of things. The act of making an outlandish claim in the hip-hop arena has practically become his signature move as of late. In the midst of his over-the-top claims, the Atlanta native is a trailblazing creator with a penchant for making savvy business moves. So when the Atlanta native recently announced a new drop for his Soulja Star shoes, it was reasonable for him to assume that a fellow entertainment mogul like TMZ’s Harvey Levin would share in the excitement of his latest venture.

But much to Soulja Boy’s dismay, when he approached the CEO with a box of his new signature shoes and attempted to gift him with an exclusive pair, Harvey simply took a gander at the shoe, cracked a joke, rejected the offer, and then went on about his day as if none of the above even happened.

“I know you got nieces, nephews, something,” Soulja Boy said as he graciously attempted to talk the owner of TMZ into accepting a pair of Soulja Star shoes.

“You know what would happen to me if I wear these?” Harvey asked.

“What would happen?” Soulja Boy responded.

“They’ll tear me apart in here,” Harvey replied.

“You gotta put them in your closet at least [keep them as a] collector’s item,” Soulja Boy pleaded.

“I’ve stopped putting s**t in the closet a long time ago,” exclaimed a smiling Harvey as he slammed the designer sneakers back in the gift box.

Scroll up to watch the light-hearted exchange between Soulja Boy and Harvey Levin.

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