Waka Flocka Fan Returns Rapper’s Jewelry After Holding It For 4 Years

Four years ago, Waka Flocka Flame’s $25,000 Wild West Gun pendant reportedly went missing. Recently, a fan took to Waka’s DM to reveal he had the pendant, and wanted to get the jewelry back to the rapper. 

Waka took to Instagram to post the encounter of him and the fan who he flew out to him. The fan could be seen sitting in the backseat of Flocka’s car before he took the pendant out from a Crown Royal bag. On the video, Waka wrote “Can’t believe he DM me and said I had your chain for four years. I flew him and now we partying all weekend.” The pendant given to Flocka by the fan was one the rapper previously showed off to GQ Magazine. Take a look below 

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