Shaquille O’Neal Takes Down Kanye West Over Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson Saga

Controversy has been running into every part of the world. However, the most public and biggest feud comes from Kanye West. After his breakup with Kim Kardashian, he has been going after her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson. With him making things public, Shaquille O’Neal spoke about the ongoing beef between Kanye and Pete.

West and Kim Kardashian were the biggest couple for the longest time. With all things looking good between them, it came as a shock to see the two-part ways. Soon after, news broke about Kim being together with famous comedian Pete Davidson. This turned a switch in Kanye and he went on a public onslaught. Recently, Pete responded to take a shot back at West.

While on his podcast, Shaq decided to speak on the matter.

Shaquille O’Neal takes on Kanye-Pete drama
While on his podcast, Shaq and the fellow hosts spoke about the beef between West and Pete. They spoke about how it is looking bad on West to get involved in another beef. With Kim making it clear they are through, during the podcast, he said West shouldn’t be going after Pete in such a vile way. As a marketing man himself, the Big Diesel gave some words of wisdom. He even called Pete a master for how he handled the situation.

He said: “You put your personal stuff on social media, you want attention.”

West has been the main initiator through the whole beef. He took a public approach and started calling Davidson as ‘Skete’. In addition, he also made an entire music video allegedly showing violent things happening to the comedian. Kim even asked him to stop. But West kept it going and Pete responded in a savage way, talking about being with Kim.

While the beef has been going on long, it seems things may come to a halt soon. West’s major issue was being able to see his kids. As for his personal life, there are rumors of West getting back to dating. Hence, this drama may come to a close soon.

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