Marlon Wayans Has Fans Calling For His Oscar After His Surprising “Bel-Air” Performance, And 24 Other Reactions To The Finale Episode

For most people, when they hear the name Marlon Wayans, they associate it with oddball comedies, funny stand-up specials, and a family full of comedians.

Which is probably why so many people were surprised to see Marlon playing a serious role in the Season 1 finale of Bel-Air.

And while this isn’t the actor’s first time playing a dramatic role (i.e., Requiem for a Dream, On the Rocks, Respect), many viewers weren’t emotionally prepared to see Marlon as ex-convict Lou, aka Will’s dad.

After Will decides not to follow through with the search for his father, Lou shows up unannounced at the Bel-Air mansion. At one point, it seemed like Will and Lou were working toward a peaceful reconciliation as they discussed what little memories Will had of him…

…but their bonding moment went left as soon as Will’s mother became the topic of discussion.

Things got heated quick, and I immediately got chills! Both Marlon and Jabari Banks held nothing back when it came to executing this scene. The sense of anger and sadness in the room was palpable with every line they delivered.

And other viewers felt it too! Here’s how people on Twitter reacted to Marlon’s performance:

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