PUMP VIOLENCE Surge in killings at gas stations leaves 6 dead as clerk is doused in fuel and set alight as prices continue to rise

SIX people have been killed at gas stations recently, with one clerk even being doused in fuel and set alight.

This comes as gas prices continue to rise at an alarming rate.

Gas prices continue to riseCredit: Rex
There was a gas station shooting in Michigan in broad daylightCredit: Fox 2
Detectives surveying the crime scene in PhiladelphiaCredit: Fox 29
Another shooting in broad daylight in Louisiana

A Florida woman was accused of panhandling hours before soaking a store clerk with gasoline, the Miami Herald reported.

Florida authorities said the clerk and a coworker caught on fire after attempting to put out a fire that the panhandler started.

Both clerks were hospitalized with one having life-threatening injuries.

The aggressor was identified as Betty Jean McFadden, 30, after being arrested near the gas station.

McFadden will be charged with attempted murder, WKRG reported.

This is one event in a string of violence surrounding gas stations.

The Advocate reported that two 24-year-old men were arrested for attempted second-degree murder in Louisiana.

Isiasha Alijah Pierre and Kenani Guillory are accused of targeting two people at a gas station where they opened fire as the victims exited a silver Hyundai.

No one was injured in this event.

A Michigan man was shot and killed in broad daylight right outside a gas station by 22-year-old Joshua Carter.

Carter, who turned himself in on Wednesday, is one of two suspects responsible for the death of 46-year-old father of four Talal Shamo, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Homicides in Philadelphia are slightly up from last year as a man was shot and killed at a gas station last weekend after surviving gunfire just weeks earlier.

Fox reported that Anthony Jamir Santangelo, 28, was killed late Sunday and said WTXF believed him to be the same man who was shot on February 21.

And a businessman in Kansas City was shot to death a couple of weeks ago at a gas pump, according to KCTV.

The gas pump is located right beside a busy daycare.

Apparently, Kirk Whittaker, 34, had no criminal history and there was no indication that he was involved in any illegal activity.

Other acts of violence include another deadly shooting on Tuesday outside a gas station in Kansas City, and a shooting at a gas station in Memphis, Tennessee, where a man shot a woman before she eventually crashed her car and succumbed to her injuries.

And this white couple was accused of committing a hate crime after allegedly shooting and stabbing to death a Black Navy veteran at a gas station in California, CBS reported.

Additional circumstances of violence at gas stations left people with their lives, but just barely.

WRAL reported that a pregnant woman got into an altercation with two other women at a gas station before being shot at multiple times.

Raven Simon Barnes, a 24-year-old in North Carolina, said she went to the gas station to see her boyfriend where she was attacked by a woman she had known for years.

Rodnisha Barnes, no relation, got into a physical altercation with Raven before going back to her car to get a gun.

Raven said she was shot at multiple times as she drove away, and one bullet even burned her pregnant belly and legs.

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