Rap Concert Shooting In Dallas, Texas Sees 12 People Injured, One Dead

An outdoor concert in Dallas that was supposed to be headlined by Memphis, Tenn. rapper Big Boogie ended in tragedy early on Sunday morning, as one person was killed and at least 11 others injured.

Gunfire was sprayed throughout the crowd during the event. One man was fatally shot in the head near the stage. The other shooting victims were taken to a nearby hospital, with one in critical condition and the others stable, police said. Three victims are juveniles, police said.

The event was titled the “Second Annual Epic Easter Bike Out & Field Party,” and advertised free admission for kids 10 and under to hear a lineup of rap performances. Around 2,000 attendees were at the event, reports indicate.. Police responded to the shooting at 12:15 AM on Sunday morning in the Oak Cliffs neighborhood of Dallas.

A notice posted on Big Boogie’s Instagram page said the shooting occurred before he arrived at the venue, according to ABC affiliate station WFAA in Dallas.

Memphis rappers Young Dolph and Snootie Wild have been killed in separate shooting incidents in the last six months, but police have not tied those events together. The Snootie Wild shooting happened in Houston, with Young Dolph gunned down in Memphis.

Police identified Kealon Dejuane Gilmore, 26, as the fatal shooting victim in Dallas. Gilmore was found near the stage of the event with a gunshot wound to the head and died at the scene, according to police. No arrests have been made as of yet.

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