The Game Is Reportedly Prepping A Diss Track Aimed At Eminem

The Game is known for firing shots at whoever he believes deserves them whether its in his music or on social media. Now it seems as though the Compton rapper is setting his eyes on his next victim, which could be Eminem.

During a Clubhouse discussion held on Sunday, April 3, The Game’s manager Wack 100 claimed that the “Eazy” rapper’s next single is expected to feature some shots aimed at Eminem. According to Wack, the song is sure to spark a response from the Detroit MC.

“We startin’ a fire, the Black Slim Shady is coming,” Wack said during the conversation. “That n***a better be ready, because this n***a done went crazy.”

When asked to elaborate on the subject, Wack suggested that the song may come off as friendly competition. However, the lyrics are apparently bad enough to trigger a response from Em that could be similar to the tracks the Shady Records founder made in retaliation to disses from Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon. Wack also appears to excuse The Game’s bars since Eminem has a history of making outlandish lyrics in the past.

“He disrespect his own mama, my n***a, s**t,” Wack said about Em. “He disrespect himself… This n***a talk about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk … When you get in that arena with that n***a, ain’t no boundaries with this n***a, man. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.”

Wack 100 has a tendency to speak on his client’s behalf when it comes to certain subjects. In fact, Wack has mentioned The Game’s upcoming track before in a previous Clubhouse conversation with Benzino, who became a foe of Eminem’s during his time at The Source magazine. At the moment, there’s no confirmed release date for the song.

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