Kanye West has a lot of important friends, but how connected is he really? There seems to be a bit more truth to the rumor that Ye has some powerful, and possibly dangerous, friends.

The Gangster Disciples, now known as Growth and Development, are a famous street gang with a lot of power and influence, especially in Chicago. Kanye West also happens to rep the Windy City in a big way and his attempts to free Larry Hoover raised a lot of eyebrows. That rumored affiliation with the GDs was not a big surprise for those in the organization.

During No Jumper’s podcast, Adam22 asked FBG Cash, “are you and Kanye the same kind of GD.” While that question is usually skirted to not confirm or really discuss Ye’s alleged affiliation with Larry Hoover’s famous gang, Cash supplied a much different answer.

“He smelled like a GD, so I wasn’t surprised when it was rumored that Kanye was a GD. It’s already big news that GD and Kanye’s name is in the same sentence. So like you know how successful, how much money Kanye’s got? That’s a W for the GDs, for Growth and Development, yeah.”

Kanye West has dropped GD references in his songs in the past. You can check out a fire video below from Trap More Ross that goes into this in more detail. We’re not sure if Ye is currently rocking with the GDs, but it certainly seems to give more weight to those comments about sliding on SNL to visit Pete Davidson with a bunch of his friends.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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