Roddy Ricch tends to live a low-key, private life. The only real way into the Compton rapper’s life is through his music. Every once in a while, when it seems as if Roddy’s presence has been missing from Hip-Hop, he drops off a preview of what we’re used to hearing from him.

Yesterday, Roddy took it to Instagram live, shared an unreleased track, and is still musically inclined.

This song snippet reminds us of what we’ve been getting from Roddy, authentic quality-sounding street music. Roddy is using the beat to vent to us. He uses his melodic flow to give us an insight into his life.

This isn’t the first time the Feed Tha Streets rapper dropped a snippet of new music. He previewed a new track back in February after receiving some Twitter hate. Some fans from the social media platform thought that everything Ricch has dropped since Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial was “mid.” I guess his recent album Live Life Fast didn’t meet expectations. They want that Feed Tha Streets Roddy, and from its sounds, that’s what we’re going to get whenever he drops his next project.

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