Trey Songz Cleared in Las Vegas Sexual Assault Case

The Las Vegas Metro. PD has revealed that Trey Songz has been cleared in his sexual assault case. In a statement released to TMZ, the LVMPD stated, “The LVMPD has concluded the investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Tremaine Neverson and determined that no criminal charges will be filed. If any new evidence comes to light, the case will be reopened for further investigation.”

The allegations stemmed from an incident that occurred while Trey was celebrating his 37th birthday at a Las Vegas hotel back in November. An accuser claimed misconduct happened when Trey invited a group of women back to his room at The Cosmopolitan.

Trey’s attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, reacted to the charges being dropped, stating, “We are pleased that Trey Songz’ has been cleared of wrongdoing and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigation has officially been closed.”

They added, “We are grateful to the LVMPD for the professional police work done and their thorough investigation, which included findings of inconsistency in witness testimony and insufficient evidence. We are pleased that Trey can now return to what he does best, entertaining.”

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