DaBaby SHOOTS intruder to ‘neutralize him’ before calling police to his $2.3M North Carolina home

DaBaby SHOOTS intruder to ‘neutralize him’ before calling police to his $2.3M North Carolina home

Rapper DaBaby allegedly pulled the trigger on an intruder at his 2.3 million dollar mansion in Troutman, North Carolina on Wednesday, April 13, according to a report. The 30-year-old rapper, who was home when a man trespassed onto his property, shot him in the leg after the pair exchanged words near the rapper’s football field.

According to a 911 call recording released by Iredell County Emergency Communications, the rapper could be heard telling the dispatcher, “I shot him in the leg.” The dispatcher then asks the rapper, “Ok and why did you do that?”. To which, DaBaby responds: “He’s trespassing on my property…I don’t know what he’s here for. What he’s here to take, what he’s here to do…He’s neutralized until you guys get here.” The dispatcher further asks the rapper, “Are you with him now?”. DaBaby responds, “Yes, he’s right here in front of me. He’s bleeding. He’s been shot.” The intruder can be heard screaming in agony in the background, during the six-minute emergency call.

During the call, the dispatcher attempts to find out more about the circumstances that led up to the shooting. DaBaby explains that the man had to “jump over a fence and everything” in order to reach the star’s football field. When the 911 operator asks for more details, the rapper becomes agitated and says, “I already told you what happened! Somebody else might be with this guy. You can interrogate me when ya’ll get here and save this man’s life. That’s why I’m calling you!.” The rapper further says, “I don’t want somebody else sneakin’ up on me!”.

Officers who arrived on the scene found the man shot by DaBaby, “‘suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound” near the rapper’s football field. The harmed individual was then transported by Iredell County EMS to a medical facility for treatment. Troutman Police Chief Josh Watson confirmed the person involved, who has yet to be identified, had “non-fatal gunshot injuries”.

The Troutman town manager Ron Wyatt told TMZ that the shooting occurred at a compound where DaBaby occasionally stays and people can’t just simply walk onto the property by accident. Wyatt says there’s a wall around the compound and the rapper has security guards. The rapper’s mansion is spread out over 9 acres with a pool and stadium floodlights.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Troutman Police Department called the shooting an “isolated incident” and said “there is no threat to the community at large.” No arrests have been made and the victim is expected to survive, according to officials.

The rapper, who is no stranger to controversies, has an extensive rap sheet. Reports state that Iredell County services have been called to his mansion 31 times after he is thought to have moved in December 2019. These include 14 times the burglar alarm has gone off, four noise complaints about construction at DaBaby’s mansion and at least two domestic arguments.

DaBaby was previously arrested in 2018 in connection with a fatal shooting at a North Carolina Walmart. Although the rapper insisted that he did not pull the trigger that killed a man during a fight, he was convicted of misdemeanour of carrying a concealed weapon. The 30-year-old rapper was handed a suspended 30-day jail sentence and 12 months of unsupervised probation.

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