Lil Wayne has his share of controversies and there’s no denying that. The rapper was embroiled in a lawsuit over a controversy that allegedly stemmed in 2016 and now that suit has been put to rest.

The filer, Andrew Nunemacher, claimed in his suit Wayne and his entourage beat him up in a “racially-motivated attack” while he was working security at Hyde in Hollywood where Weezy and 2 Chainz were hosting an afterparty.

Andrew Nunemacher alleged that Wayne knocked him to the ground and called him a “white boy” after throwing a drink in his face. Nunemacher filed the suit in June 2017.

According to FOX11, Wayne settled the court with the bouncer for an undisclosed amount. Nunemacher told the Los Angeles Superior Court that the two parties had reached an agreement.

We’re sure that Weezy is happy to have this situation past him. We will continue monitoring this situation and everything going on rigth here at

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