Snoop Dogg Charges $500,000 For Guest Verses & Music Video Appearances

Snoop Dogg is constantly working on something whether its building up his Death Row Records imprint in the metaverse or serving as a host for TV shows. With everything that he’s done and is currently working on, there’s no way any artist believes that they can get the veteran to do a song for a cheap price.

In an interview the Full Send podcast aired on Wednesday, April 20, Snoop Dogg talked about a plethora of subjects including his recent purchase of Death Row and more. During their conversation, the hosts asked the Doggfather about what he charges for a guest verse. Snoop said that he usually asks for up to $500,000 to hop on a song and appear in the music video.

About $250,000,” Snoop replied when the host asked about his price. “You’ll get about 16 bars. And when it’s time to do the video, I need another $250,000 up out of you. And you only got an hour so get to filming.”

Real rap fans shouldn’t be shocked by that asking price given Snoop’s 30+ years in the music industry. Also the number is fairly decent compared to other rappers who haven’t been in the game for nearly as long as Snoop has.

The Full Send podcast asked the same question to Lil Durk last month, who said that he charges $300,000 per guest verse. Back in 2020, Lil Baby tweeted that he wants $100,000 for feature from him, which might change after he drops his album later this year. Nicki Minaj may charge more than all the aforementioned artists since she reportedly requires at least $500,000 for just a feature verse.

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