Four security personnel among 32 arrested in drug bust

A total of 32 people, including three police and one National Sea and Air Service (Senan) were arrested on Thursday during Operation “Metro” carried out by the National Police and the Public Ministry.

The operation was aimed at dismantling a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking, for which 30 raids were carried out simultaneously in the provinces of Panama, West Panama (Veracruz) and Coclé.

The details of the raids were reported by the Attorney General, Javier Caraballo, the First Higher Prosecutor for Drugs, Marta Barrios, and the Director of Judicial Investigation, Commissioner Carlos Valencia.

“We are not going to allow these units to tarnish the good image of the Institution, we are purging,” said Commissioner Valencia, confirming that the uniformed officers apprehended are two 2nd Corporals. and a second lieutenant”.

This group had modus operandi, telephone communications, and meetings to receive the drugs coming from Colombia, through speedboats and fishing boats. They hid the drug between San Carlos and Chame.

Boat owners, fishermen, police and members of the Bagdad gang made up the group dedicated to drug trafficking, whose investigation began in May 2020.

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